a technique that gently eases muscle tension, improves circulation and relaxes the body and mind

deep tissue/sports/therapeutic
a more intensive form of massage for specific injuries and problem areas, may include remedial stretching techniques.

please request upon booking if this type of massage required.

Added extras:

–      15 min foot soak/scrub/massage

–      hot towel therapy – warm, aromatic towels are applied to tense/sore muscles

(the above can be ADDED to any therapy)

aroma facials

for our rejuvenating facials for both men and women we use luscious pollen botanicals products, purely made from organic ingredients and free from any synthetic ingredients or preservatives.

the deluxe facial includes your choice of hand or foot massage.

private aromatherapy spa

a private hydrojet spa for one or two people in our peacefully candlelit private room.

make your choice of aromatherapy salt blends to help you relax and unwind.

body wraps

we start with a gentle dry body brush before applying the white clay algae wrap and cocooning you snugly. after showering, a soothing body lotion is applied.

head massage also included.

aroma salt glow

the aroma salt glow is an invigorating blend of sea salts and essential and sunflower oils which gently exfoliates, improves circulation and eliminates toxins.

as with the body wrap, you will be warmly cocooned, enjoy a heavenly scalp massage and a fragrant and hydrating body lotion applied.

ear candling

we use a gentle hopi indian treatment with beeswax candling to remove wax buildup, restore balance and unblock the sinuses. lymphatic facial massage and warm towel therapy included.